Jun 13, 2012

North Dakota is one of the states in this here fine union of ours that I never figured to find any black people.  It goes in the same category as Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, Iowa, and up until Mia Love was elected as a mayor, Utah.  Maybe that makes me a little closed minded, but seriously these just don't seem like states that black folks would find all that attractive unless they were stationed there for a military base or something. 

Being told that black people live in North Dakota is like being told there are black people in Russia.  It just doesn't ring true even if you see photographic evidence...LOL!

Well, North Dakota can come off the list because this past Saturday Rosie Sauvageau became the newest Miss North Dakota proving that a black person does in fact lives in North Dakota.

Rosie, a native of Fargo (I know, right), became North Dakota's first African American titleholder. 

Congratulations, Rosie!  Good luck at the Miss America pageant.

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  1. Native! Wow.
    Just recently took a trip to Utah and was super surprised too that they had black folks living there. I wanted to go up to all of them and ask about their story and how they came to live in Utah! Ha.