Jul 16, 2012

Beyonce is one of many entertainers who has not made it a secret that she deeply admires the First Lady.  She even went so far as writing an open letter to express her admiration.

In a new campaign ad released by the Obama campaign, the pop diva reads the open letter that she wrote on her blog.

Watch the video here:

The First Lady did create controversy when she admitted that she also admired the pop star. She even went so far as to take her daughters to one of Beyonce's concerts at an Atlantic City casino.

Here's Beyonce's original letter to Michelle:

Please don't hate on girlfriend's writing skills.  You know what she was trying to say.  Give the girl a break...LOL!  I'm especially talking to you, TheEducator!!!!

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  1. First of all I am upset this writing is being called a letter. A letter has certain parts in order to be known as a letter; like a heading, a body, and a closing. In the body you must have a paragraph that gives information in a coherent manner in sentences. Beyonce writing has no sentences; this writing is one long run on sentence. If Beyonce was in my Language Arts class, I would send her back to her desk and tell her to try again. I would inform her that she has too many comas; no periods to end a thought; no structure; the order of words are just plain wrong and do not flow; there are words that are capitalized, that shouldn’t be, and clearly she doesn’t know the proper use of a hyphen. This kind writing is the main reason why children should not be singing and dancing in elementary and middle school. Beyonce clearly missed the lessons on letter writing, grammar, presentations and speaking, all in which you learn in elementary school. I used to cringe every time she gave an interview, but this writing has the hair on the back of my neck standing up and it won’t go down.
    Sorry Savvy I couldn't let this one go.