Jul 27, 2012

Reports are circulating that controversial Essence fashion director, Ellianna Placas, has been fired after butting heads with editor in chief, Constance White.

Sources report that White and Placas disagreed on the direction of the fashion coverage in the magazine.

Placas was hired at Essence two years ago by former editor in chief, Angela Burt Murray.  Her hiring instantly became controversial because Placas happens to be white.  The controversial even prompted notable culture critic, Michaela Angela Davis, to write and tweet about the hire.

I'll be honest I've been wondering what happened to Placas.  I am a subscriber to Essence.  Since the hiring of Placas, I always purposefully go to the fashion section to see if there was something that was styled by her.  Since the controversy, I've always been curious about her work.  But in the past few editions, there hasn't been anything with her name on it.  I guess the firing now explains why that was. 


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