Jul 5, 2012

Nia Long is the latest cover model for Essence Magazine.  She and her boys are covering the August issue of the magazine.  Her sons are her eldest, Massai Dorsey Jr., and her newest addition,  Kez Sunday Udoka.  Nia is currently engaged to Kez's father, Ime Udoka, whose a professional basketball player.

I'm thinking Nia has to have the record when it comes to Essence covers.  She is definitely one of Essence's go-to people when it comes to it's covers.  I'm definitely not complaining because Nia is definitely one of the chicks I consider a 'Friend in my head'.

As beautiful as both the covers are, they have also courted controversy with people saying that Essence is glorifying being a single parent by placing Nia on the cover. 

It amazes me that people are still trying to live in this perfect world where single parent-dom does not exist.  The fact of the matter is that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock.  It may not be the ideal situation, but the truth of the matter is it is reality.  Don't get me wrong, I still think a 'healthy' marriage is the best situation in which to introduce children into the world, but this is not the world we live in.  I think regardless of your situation, to raise a child is a tough position to be in.  Instead of tearing a person down for his/her choices, we should try and offer them support and encouragement. 

Just because you have this image of the perfect family situation for you in your head doesn't mean other people share your image.  Nia Long is happy being a single parent and who are we to question that?  It may not work for you, but it seems to be working for her and that's all that matters.

That's just my two cents on the situation.

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  1. If she talked about the difficulties of being a single parent, people would say she was whining and that she should have known better than to have children outside of marriage. What is wrong with making the best of your situation, having peace, being happy and even being satisfied with life?