Jul 30, 2012

One thing you will not do is come for the Queen of all Media and think she's not going to come back for you.

That's exactly what happened when a Twitter follower of Oprah decided to take it upon himself to question Oprah's commitment to Black America.  I guess he never imagined she would responsed back.  And respond back is exactly what she did.

The follower who goes by the name AWALK asked Oprah when she was going to give back to the ghettos of America and she promptly reminded him of the 500 Morehouse men she put through college.

The questioning of Oprah's commitment to Black America has become a lot of Black Americans favorite past time.  There is nothing this woman can do with her money that's going to satisify the people that have their mind made up on the fact that she does absolutely nothing for Black people.  Nevermind the fact we'll never know the vast majority of things that Oprah does.

Instead of asking what Oprah does with her money maybe we should put the mirror in front of ourselves and ask what are we as a people doing.  If we're waiting for one woman to save us then no wonder we're in so much trouble. 
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  1. She destroyed a lot more then 500 with her feminism anti Christian bs.

  2. Covinaman oh how I have missed you and some of your crazy talk. One day you speak with such clarity then the next you're riling against Oprah. I just can't keep up, but God how I've missed it...lol!