Jul 5, 2012

For me, there is nothing in this world worse than when a person lies to himself/herself.  Of all things at least be truthful with yourself and I promise you'll live a happier existence.

R&B artist and writer, Frank Ocean, took to Tumblr to announced that his first love was in fact a man. 

Here's the letter in it's entirety:

Ocean lifted a huge burden off his shoulders by sharing his truth.  He made himself completely vulnerable by opening himself up to criticism, but he also freed himself from having to hide.

The fact that the initial feedback from the Hip Hop community was positive is also a sign that many in the music industry are beginning to grow up.  A certain level of homophobia has always been associated with Hip Hop as well as the Black Community as a whole, but there are signs that these things are slowly changing. 

Trust me, Ocean's sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with his talent.  As long as he continues to make and write hits, people will continue to work with him.


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