Aug 8, 2012

I really need someone to explain to me why people hate Olympian athlete, LoLo Jones, so much?  I’m serious.  I really don’t understand why people are constantly piling on this woman with such vitriol and hate. 
A New York Times columnist basically tore into her and pretty much labeled her a media whore who has accomplished absolutely nothing, but still manages to somehow get all the attention.  He basically called her the ‘Kim Kardashian’ of the Olympics.
Never mind that Lolo had to compete in the same Olympic trials that everyone else had to compete in order to make the team, as far as the columnist is concerned she’s accomplished absolutely nothing.  Forget about the national titles she secured as a collegiate.  In the writer’s mind, Lolo is not deserving of all the attention she is getting. 
And his reason for this is the fact that Lolo relies more on her looks than on her athletic ability to garner attention:
Women have struggled for decades to be appreciated as athletes. For the first time at these Games, every competing nation has sent a female participant. But Jones is not assured enough with her hurdling or her compelling story of perseverance. So she has played into the persistent, demeaning notion that women are worthy as athletes only if they have sex appeal. And, too often, the news media have played right along with her.
So instead of blaming the problem for what is going on, the writer chose to focus his venom on the symptom: Lolo Jones. 
Lolo is a symptom of a greater problem that has plagued our society for a very long time.  That problem is what we value when it comes to women.  Regardless of a woman’s substance, society stills places more emphasis on her looks than anything else.
You see this play itself out in all different types of avenues whether it’s politics, entertainment, or athletics. A far greater value is place on a female’s physical attributes than her talent or ability.
When Hillary Clinton was running for President, people constantly commented on how she looked and what her hair looked like.  You never heard the same type of chatter when it came to her male counterparts.  The same can even be said for Sarah Palin.  Even though I still believe she was not fit to be Vice President, I still had to acknowledge the fact that she did serve as the governor of her state and thus she did come with some credentials.  Her looks should not have even been a factor, but yet that was one thing that many people talked about when it came to her.
When Simon Cowell made a comment that he didn’t think Aretha Franklin could win ‘American Idol’, it told you everything you needed to know about the music industry.  With that one statement, Cowell told the world that it wasn’t about talent anymore.  In this day and time the ‘It’ factor is all about your looks and sex appeal.  Your talent is secondary or in some cases not even on the list of attributes one needs to possess in order to make it in the music industry.
Once upon a time (you know before music videos) talent use to be the ‘It’ factor, but that is no longer the case.  It’s all about your looks and sex appeal.  This mainly only applies to females as you can tell by the looks of some of these rappers.
Lolo Jones is a participant in the Game, but she didn’t create the Game.  So to hate on her is senseless.  Instead of using his article to tear down Lolo, he could have easily done an essay on the women he felt were more deserving than Jones to be highlighted. 
If you want the world to know about Dawn Harper or Kellie Wells, then write an article about these women and their accomplishments.  The only way the world can learn about them is if you tell the world about them.
Lolo can’t help her looks.  She had absolutely no control over that just as she has no control over how we react to her them.


  1. to say that she hasn't accomplished anything is a totally insulting and highly inaccurate. I remember feeling so bad for her at the Beijing Olympics. She had the lead and the gold medal was all but hers but she tripped over that hurdle. Reminded me of Gail Devers in Barcelona.

    Her teammates have been pretty cold too and that is surprising because most athletes respect the talent of their peers. I do not know if she is a drama queen and stirs the pot but from what I gather it sounds like she is taking advantage of all opportunities even the ones afforded to her because of her looks. But yeah I agree if the NYT author wanted to put the spotlight on other runners he should have done that. Slamming her does not help them.

  2. What do these athletes have in common? Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant, Chad Johnson, Dwight Howard.

    The media builds you up, the media breaks you down.

    But guess what? Winning cures all.

    I support media sources like you Savvy Sista! Keep up the good work.