Aug 3, 2012

There were a lot of people congratulating Gabrielle Douglas on her historic Olympic win yesterday, but none was more significant than gymnastics legend Dominique Dawes.

Dawes took to Twitter (@dominiquedawes) to express how proud she was of Gabby. Here is what she wrote:
I thought it was emotional making history in 96 but I'm realizing it's just as emotional watching @gabrielledoug make history in her right!

****Side Note****

This nonsense of people hating on Gabby Douglas' hair is just that: Nonsense.  It doesn't even deserve to be reported on because at the end of the day Gabby has two gold medals and the people hating on her are just spectators wishing they could accomplish a fraction of what she has been able to at such a young age.  When you are a world class athlete, your hair is the last thing on your mind (as it should).  She can always get her hair done, but she can’t always win an Olympic gold medal.

For me, I think the viciousness of the internet can be blamed on the safety cloak of anonymity as well as immaturity.  People need to grow the hell up and get a life of their own instead of feeling they have to be a commentator on other people’s lives.  Those people are living while you are sitting around watching.

****Drops Mike……and walks off stage****   


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