Aug 9, 2012

Branding is the name of the game right?  Say Planned Parenthood and people think birth control at the very least.  The political right would have us believe that Planned Parenthood automatically means abortion.  Which is why they are threatening to de-fund the organization.  After I watched this video, I just thought, "Why not change the name?"  For paradigm shifts to occur, something has to change. 

Planned Parenthood offers a range of health services, even for men.  Yes they have become a leader in reproductive health and rights, but that is not who they are exclusively.  They provide much more.  Women make up most of their patients.  The last I knew women went to the doctor for more reasons than just not wanting to get pregnant.  The way the political right is arguing, I'm led to think that they believe women are just birthing machines.  That is all we are good for.  Even if we are raped or victims of incest...if a baby is produced then our purpose is being fulfilled.  To hell with any other hopes, dreams and aspirations that we may have.

Contrary to what we are led to believe, federal tax dollars are not used for abortions.  Thus any loss of federal funds means women that are using the other services of Planned Parenthood will be slighted.  And the vicious cycle of dying from preventable illness and high cost emergency room visits will continue because low cost healthcare is no longer available.

Planned Parenthood changing its name is just a thought, but perhaps it is a worthwhile effort.  Right now it appears that we are losing the communication fight and losing that fight could result in losing so much more.


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