Aug 9, 2012

Pooch Hall announced on Twitter that he will be returning to BET hit show, ‘The Game’.
Fans were left in shock after BET announced that Pooch Hall and co-star Tia Mowry would not be returning to the hit show.  It definitely caught a lot of people off guard even the two stars. 
Pooch Hall was very vocal about his desire to return to the show, and it looks like his wish was granted.
Rumors as to why the actor was let good swirled around the fact that he had signed on to a Showtime series entitled, Ray Donovan, which was in conflict with the shooting of ‘The Game’.
Regardless of  Derwin’s resurrection, I will not be watching the show.  The magic that it displayed when it was on the CW seems to be permanently gone.  Although there were glimpses of its former magic in the season finale, it’s still not enough.  The show has been ruined for me.  The three seasons it ran on the CW will have to be enough for me.  I’ll just pretend these seasons on BET never happened.
I really gave the show a chance.  I really truly did, but it’s just not there for me anymore.  It’s not worse than ‘Single Ladies’ (I don’t think any scripted show is worse than that), but it’s nowhere near what it used to be and that’s such a shame.  It really used to be a quality show, but not anymore.


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