Aug 14, 2012

Rev. Jeremiah Wright gave a fiery speech during an anti-violence program in Chicago.  During the speech he implored black people to help end the black on black violence that was plaguing the city:

“Some of these things have to do with the government and some of these things have to do with our relationships with each other,” Wright told a group at an anti-violence program at New Tabernacle Baptist Church, 531 North Kenzie.

“Neither Martin Luther King nor Barack Hussein Obama can change the systemic evil . . . Let me put it another way ­— don’t think a change in government will straighten this situation out.”

He added blacks also would have to help end black-on-black violence.

“Who’s going to help us turn this situation down?” Wright asked. “ A hand came down through the ceiling and said, ‘You black man — you’re going to do it.’ ”

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