Aug 14, 2012

Details surrounding the alleged domestic violence incident involving Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada continue to flood the internet.  One of the new details that have recently surfaced is that Lozada hit Johnson first before he allegedy head-butted her.

The introduction of this new detail seems to have swayed some people into defending Johnson for his actions against Lozada.

This new defense of Johnson leads me to have to ask the question: "Is it more acceptable for a man to hit a woman if she hits him first?"

I really am curious as to how people feel about this.  I remember this same thing came up when the incident involving Rihanna and Chris Brown occured.  Many people excused Brown's actions by saying Rihanna allegedly hit him first.



  1. In most cases men can overpower a woman and hurt her more than she can hurt him. He should do what he needs to do to get out of her presence, for both parties' safety. If he cannot get away, I am more in favor restraining vs. retaliating with with force. In this case, Chad is a professional athlete that is physically stronger than her. Clearly his "defense" sent her to the hospital compared to what he may have suffered from her hitting him. I do not know that he can justify his actions.

  2. No one should be hitting no one, because you dont know how the other person is going to react. Im one of the ones that believe these women, Rihanna and Ev went off on these men thinking that they were not going to hit them back its called "fighting". Yes the guys are stronger and they just should have walked away, well she should have had more sense and she should have walked away before she hit him first and I bet she(Rihanna and Ev) kept hitting them too. None of it is acceptable. G. Sanders

  3. No one (man or woman) should need to lay a hand on anyone. Many people are reactive rather than proactive. They let the actions of others control how they react instead of making that choice for themselves.