Aug 31, 2012

How hard is it for someone to tell the former Secretary of State that she had lipstick on her teeth?  I mean is that asking too damn much.  She is freaking Condoleezza Rice and you mean to tell me that no one could take out the time and say, "Excuse me Madam Secretary, but you appear to have lipstick on your teeth."

I'm one of those people who hate how the appearances of female politicians are always hammered on while the men get a pass, but even I'm pissed about this.  This woman deserved better than this and someone in her circle failed her.

Here is a very serious woman giving what could potentially be one of the biggest speeches of her life, but people are not paying attention to her because they're distracted by the damn lipstick on her teeth (and let's just say high definition television didn't help this situation).

Now don't get me wrong, it really does speak to the fact that she must not have any friends that were at the RNC because surely someone would have told her about the lipstick.

One of my favorite tweets about Lipstick-gate was the following:

Dear Republicans, when you piss the gays off, things like Condoleeza Rice’s lipstick-covered teeth happen.”–@mattrjk
I may not agree with Dr. Rice politically, but even I would have told her that she had lipstick on her teeth if only in the name of sisterhood.

How much you want to bet people are going to remember the lipstick on her teeth more than her actual speech?

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  1. I was so wondering if that was lipstick!!! Something kept me staring at her teeth while she was talking.