Sep 17, 2012

Tyler Perry just went on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and announced that he was canceling the tour of his latest play, ‘Madea Gets a Job.’
The cancellation of the tour is definitely going to come as a big surprise to a lot of people who were looking  forward to seeing another Madea play.
One of the reasons Perry cited for the cancellation was the fact that bootleggers were buying up all the tickets and selling them at a much higher price than he had set.
We’ll update once we learn some more information.


BlackAmericaWeb has shared some more information as to why Perry brought his new play to a screeching halt.

Here is what was written:

According to Perry, just last night he and his promoter decided to postpone his tour in an effort to stifle bootleggers from tripling the cost of show's tickets.

Exclaiming, "I set the the ticket prices at $25 dollars, $45 dollars, and $65 dollars. Nobody can get tickets for those prices. The bootleggers come they buys the tickets, they mark them up."

Perry expressed his frustration saying, "I don't want people out there spending $150 dollars per ticket, people can't afford it."

The tour has just eight weeks left and Perry says it would have been his final tour, "that’s why I had to postpone the tour until we figure out what to do."

Going on to say, “I’m really, really  upset  about it and very disappointed because there are a lot of people.. who I was looking forward to coming out to see it and this is the last tour I was going to do.”


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