Sep 2, 2012

There are a lot of people wondering what is the big deal about the Voter ID laws that are sweeping the nation.  Some people have even told me that they don't see what all the fuss is about.  These are people who political leanings are on the left, but yet they are in support of the Voter ID Laws, that is, until you break it down to them and explain how these laws will disenfranchise a countless number of people.

You see a lot of poor people, seniors, and minorities don't have a picture ID.  A lot of these people don't drive and many of them are not working or in an institution of higher learning.

Let's take the state of Pennsylvania for instance. 

Here are the Voter ID requirements for a person who is a resident of Pennsylvania:

Starting on November 6, you must prove your identity by showing one of the following photo IDs issued by: 
  • The United States government, e.g., a U.S. passport
  • The Commonwealth of PA, e.g., a driver’s license (NOTE: An expired driver’s license is okay as long as it is within 12 months after the expiration date)  
  • A PA municipality (e.g., city, county, borough, incorporated town) to municipal employees    
  • An accredited PA public or private institution of higher learning, e.g., a student card   
  • A PA care facility, which includes a long‐term care nursing facility, an assisted living residence or a personal care home    
  • U.S. Armed Forces branches or their reserves, including the PA National Guard (NOTE: The ID holder can be a veteran or current member; the expiration date can be indefinite.) source

This concerted effort by the Republicans to get these laws passes are not by happenstance.  This is not a game people.  The Republicans are well aware that it was a huge coalition that came together that got the President into office.  They also know that if they prevent some of these people from voting that it gives Mitt Romney a better chance at beating Barack Obama.

Just in case you think I'm playing the role of sabre rattler and making this stuff up, I want you to watch the video of Mike Turzai, Pennsylvania House Majority Leader, speaking at a committee meeting.

Here is what he said in the video:

“We are focused on making sure that we meet our obligations that we’ve talked about for years,” said Turzai in a speech to committee members.
“Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it’s done. First pro-life legislation – abortion facility regulations – in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.

This is not a game people.  You have to pay attention and be proactive.  If you know of anyone who is without the proper Voter ID please make sure they get it.

The GOP is trying to win by any means necessary, and the suppression of your vote is a means they are willing to live with.

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