Sep 5, 2012

A few days ago while at  Labor Day campaign rally, President Obama said that he was going to watch is wife speak at the DNC at the White House with the girls.  He said he was going to have to try not to let the girls see him cry because he gets misty-eyed when his wife speaks.  After hearing Mrs. Obama deliver the closing address for the opening night of the convention, I do not know if he was successful at hiding his tears.  On a side note, I think it is great for his daughters to see him get emotional when it comes to their mother.  Daddy loving Mommy is probably what is missing in many homes.  Anyway, it just goes to show that we have an issue with crying in this country.  But that is another subject.

I knew Mrs. Obama would rock the night, but she blew us away.  If you didn't watch it, Savvy Sista has it posted here on this site.  You gotta see it.  One reporter said she made the case for Americans to fall in love with the President all over again.  I read one quick Twitter post using a relationship analogy.  Some disaffected voters started to look at another man but then was reminded why they love the President.  I do not know that I would have come up with the same analogy but hey it works. There is something to be said for genuineness. To me genuineness is a key asset for the Obamas.  It seems that I am not alone in that assessment.  By and large, people like them.  Even those that do not agree with his policies.  And that can go a long way.

The opening night of the DNC was a breath of fresh air.  After all of the RNC coverage last week, I really needed to hear a different message.  I am NOT actually a democrat.  Nor am I a republican.  I am an independent voter.  However, I am a proud supporter of the Obamas.  So yes I will have bias towards the DNC compared to the RNC.  At this point in time, the Democratic platform resonates with me.  I will never say that republicans have nothing to offer.  But their obstructionist and reactionary ways have been a complete turn off to me.  I could only stomach so much of their convention.  I was eagerly looking forward to the DNC and the opening night did not disappoint.

All of the major speeches of course get alot of coverage and critique but what was unique about the DNC were the everyday Americans that were included.  Their stories/testimonies were powerful.  Like many people, I forget about C-SPAN coverage but I am glad that I remembered that channel.  Check out their website to watch the range of speakers.  Aside from Mrs. Obama's address, Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, and Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, gave some of the best defense the President could ask for.  Many others did as well.  Just watch all of them.


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