Sep 16, 2012

How would you respond?

I recently posted a story in which there appeared to be a few churches in the Black community that are telling their congregants not to vote due to Obama's gay marriage stance and Romney's Mormon faith.

I honestly can't think of one scenario in which my pastor would ever fix his mouth to tell his congregation not to vote. In order for him to do such a thing, it would first require a lot of arrogance on his part (in my opinion). It's arrogant for him to assume he has the authority to even tell me what to do with my vote.

Not even my mother can tell me how to vote, so what makes a pastor think he can tell me.

I guess I'm of the adage that if a church tries to control your vote then your at the wrong church.

What do you think?


  1. If my pastor told me not to vote it wouldn't matter; I vote because I want to vote! No one has ever had that kind of influence over me.

  2. I could probably write a book about church leaders overstepping their bounds. The bigger issue is these leaders thinking they have wisdom beyond all others. It is shortsighted and narrow thinking to sum up of the concerns and issues facing our country as those two issues. I mean really...Unfortunately there will be some who follow this advice to not vote. But I do have faith that churchgoers recognize there are more issues to base their vote upon and that it is important for them to vote. Not to mention that is a slap in the face to our history and specifically the political history of the black church to encourage people not to vote.

  3. I agree with Uncle Wayne, time to get a new church