Sep 24, 2012

Ok, I gave you guys a week to let it marinate so now I want to know what you really think about Mr. Perry abruptly canceling his tour.  Are you understanding, disappointed, or just plain ol' mad as hell?

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  1. What? I can't see a black man wearing a dress in person? I'm livid!

  2. I'm mad as hell! That excuse Tyler used is just some Bow Sh##. How can he blame canceling his shows on bootleggers. Bootleggers have been around since the beginning of time. Now all of a sudden they are a major problem in his life.

    Here's the thing; if somebody pays 500.00 dollars for a Tyler Perry Play then that means they obvisously want to see a Tyler Perry Play, no matter what the cost. And tell me again what has Tyler Perry lost? Ump. Nothing. He said it didn't sit right in his spirit to have people pay more for his tickets than the price he set. Tyler you are not the conscience for all marketing and ticket sales, everybody has a hustle (as do you) and now you are knocking the hustle of the bootleggers, because "You" wanted to get out of performing the rest of your tour, either because "You" are just plain tired or that "You wanted to get ready to start promoting Alex Cross, either one Tyler that is fine; but don't come up with the lame excuse that bootleggers are charging people too much money.

    Mr. Perry there were several ways in which you could have handled this situation; one you could have e-mailed your followers just like you do with everything else that you have going on and told them; if they were paying more than the price yo set ; including a reasonable service charge for the play; that was not you; and certainly not your intention; and that they should report any price gouging to ticket master; two you could have went on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" and announced that it was not you who were selling tickets at that price; and you were not doing a meet and greet afterwards; and three you could have started selling tickets on your website exclusively, where you would and could have had more control; but to cancel all of the shows; that is just plain BS.
    Now; why I am really pissed; because I took leave from by good job, brought a plane ticket from Miami, FL to Albany, GA, (and anybody knows anything about flying into a small towns it cost you a arm and a leg) a new outfit, new shoes and a play ticket all to see "Madea gets a Job" because this was going to be her last tour; and I was hyped. I was going to have a wonderful night out with family and friends laughing and tripping with Madea. But to my shock and surprise on Monday, September 17, 2012, Mr. Perry goes on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" and announces he is canceling the last leg of the tour because of bootleggers. I was set and ready to see Madea on Fruday, September 21, 2012 in Albany, GA; four days before show time! He cancels. Who does that because of bootleggers? Sick, Emergency with a family member, or Death, but bootleggers; give me a break. Mr. Perry his hands were tied. Well Mr. Perry my money is tied up in a plane ticket at 350.00; plus another 50.00 for a checked bag, (as anybody who flies knows they are know charging you for air) an outfit at 150.00 a pair of shows at 75.00; time off from work, that I could have used for my family emergency, or two days of pay at 400.00. I'm sure you feel like since the ticket money was refunded that was fair, well I'm here to tell you that was just a drop in the bucket to what I am really out. Since you were worried about folks being taken advantage of, for buying tickets at a higher price than you set; could I please get back all I'm out; because I feel taken advantaged if for believing I was going to see a play that was cancelled by you abruptly because of bootleggers. ( I want to feel better) Mr. Perry I was one of the biggest supporters of all things Tyler Perry; because I thought Tyler Perry would never disappoint in this way, and that he was to real for any of this type of foolishness. But as the old saying goes, "fool me one; will not fool me twice". So as of this date, I will not be supporting anything that is Tylet Perry until I feel justice for me spending my hard earned money to make a date with "Mr Perry" has been set right in my spirit.

  3. I can care less...If that girl want to cancel shows based on that "lame" excuse of bootleggers, then more power to her.