Sep 21, 2012

Don't trip thinking that somehow I believe that Mrs. Michelle Obama will not be the First Lady of the United States come January, 2013.  More recently on the campaign trail, the President himself has been saying that this is his last election.  It is true.  He will be ineligible to run in 2016 and I ( and apparently he) cannot fathom any other office he would pursue after the presidency.  So that means Mrs. Obama will no longer be FLOTUS.  She has done a fantastic job in making the role her own and not being dictated to.  She is a leader in her own right.  Many feminists have tried to use her as an example of women still taking a back seat to their husbands' ambitions.  Unfortunately they cannot see the forest for the trees. I would think the sentiment would be that this Ivy League graduate, Harvard-trained lawyer, and hospital executive can make a decision on her own about what is best for her and her family.  I would say that if any person was married to someone with true potential to be President of the United States, a once in a lifetime opportunity, would make some shifts in their lives as well.  I am digressing some but I read an article in Clutch magazine about how some white women just do not get the concept of a black mom-in-chief.  Supposedly some feminists cringed at the pride Mrs. Obama showed when she described her most important role as mom-in-chief during her DNC speech.  I mean really...what's up with that?  Utter nonsense.  Anyway, the Clutch magazine article concludes that perhaps Mrs. Obama is actually taking a break from her years of hard work.  With her husband gone most of the time, she was effectively a single mother.  What's wrong with relaxing because of having household help?  What's wrong with taking on some worthy causes and bringing the country together?  What's wrong with seizing the opportunity to have her family all together on a regular basis because her husband now has a home office?  What is wrong with the tighter family bond that I am pretty sure they now have because she pressed past her initial concerns and moved the family all together at one time to Washington DC?  Who wouldn't take the opportunity to have such an influence on the world?  Not to mention her favorability rating is much higher than the President's.  To me that is not taking a back seat at all.  She is steering this thing exactly how she where she wants it to go.  It is quite evident that both she and the President are enjoying the ride.

So yeah the next person has big shoes to fill.  Should something out of the ordinary happen and Ann Romney becomes First Lady,  I just simply cannot imagine what the role would look like and what her favorability would be.  For the most part, spouses are well liked because they do not typically say or do things to make them disliked.  With Ann Romney, I cannot say that I do not like her but I do not think she is as gracious politically.  She definitely is not very relatable.  At times she has come across as condescending.  Just yesterday, she scolded fellow republicans.  She said Latinos should get past THEIR biases towards the GOP.  Her infamous you people comment really ruffled feathers.  My favorite was saying "it is our turn" when her husband joked that one of the first things he would say to President Obama during the transition should he win was "start packing."  To me it had an air of entitlement and I was not impressed. Her defending her husband and having his back is theoretically admirable.  However, most spouses including Mrs. Obama do not like the criticism and false characterizations, but they stay out of it.  They see their husbands as political big boys with thick skin.  They can take the hits as well as deliver some punches.  As a result, spouses graciously dodge the political questions asked of them and continue to be liked by the general public.  I think Mrs. Romney would enjoy her role as First Lady but I think she would be a throwback to yesteryear and most Americans will not be endeared to her.  I do not think that the role will seem fun to the American people.

Mrs. Obama has been masterful in letting no one define her. She upholds traditions but seizes opportunities to create her own.  Her role has serious implications but she makes it look fun because she is actually having fun.  I guess that is what I would hope the next First Lady/Man will do...make it her/his own and have a good time.  Even if the next person is successful at this role, it still will not be the same.  Mrs. Obama broke the mold.  No one wants to come behind her.  Not even her husband.  I can't imagine what her successor will feel.  All I know is that I am definitely not itching to find that out.  FOUR MORE YEARS to Mrs. Obama and yeah her husband too.:)


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