Sep 8, 2012

Psychology refers to projection as a defense mechanism where an individual ascribes to another person what in fact he/she is thinking, feeling, and/or behaving. Usually it is a negative scenario. I say it is a person's guilty conscience speaking falsely accusing another of what is honestly going on in his/her life.  If you have followed the current presidential campaign closely, you see quite a few specific examples of projection from the GOP.

The GOP has targeted poor people on welfare caricaturing them as lazy and merely working the system. All the while working the system themselves. Not only working the system but maximizing every possible loophole.  Clear examples of this include tax havens and now Citizens United. Once it was greenlighted by the Supreme Court, they went full throttle.

After the President's DNC speech, I read a headline about his campaign being worried about all of the money on the side of the opposition. Wholeheartedly, I believe that if every eligible voter votes in November, President Obama will win by a landslide.  If you are unhappy with the monetary influence on our elections, a victory for the Obama campaign will strike a serious blow to Citizens United and prove it to be a wasted effort at least in this election cycle. I know the next cynical thought will be that an Obama victory will not stop the money, especially in the less popular races. Even if the flow of money ceased, they will seek other ways to work the system as evidenced by the voter suppression efforts. That is an unfortunate reality. But this is a fight. Our vote is a formidable force. We must exercise this right to show that the electorate indeed has power that cannot be easily overtaken. That precisely is the premise of the Hope and Change message.


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