Oct 4, 2012


 The reason that my pen name is Avg Jo (Average Jo) is that I do not necessarily see politics the way the pundits see it.  Pundits talk like they understand the average voter's perspective.  As an independent voter, I would regularly wonder who they are referring to because I do not see things the way the pundits do.  Well I think I have listened to enough of their analysis that I have been influenced to look at things with a politically keener eye.  While watching the debate last night, I found myself looking at these debates the way they do.  I have never declared a winner or a loser of a debate.  Even in 2008 as a supporter of then Senator Obama, I never thought he "won" the debates over Clinton and McCain.  For whatever reason, I think it is just hard for me to do that.  Well last night, it was clear to me that the President was quite cautious.  Why? I do not know.  The President's performance has stumped even the most experienced analyst.  My assessment is that Romney did better than expected and the President performed worse than expected.  So Romney won but did he change any minds?  I actually think that there are more decided voters out there than the political world thinks.  Those votes should not be taken for granted but I do think there are few truly undecided voters.

He may have won, but what does this debate really say about Mitt Romney? He changed his entire tune.  That is my biggest gripe with the guy.  I happen to believe that Mitt Romney truly is moderate and against any other opponent, I might actually consider voting for the guy if he genuinely stood by his convictions.  However I lost all respect for him because he has morphed into something that he is not.  He has not remained true to himself or his record and that is beyond apparent.  Republicans do not like him.  They are trying to show some support for him but they are just as hesitant as everyone else.  His desperation for the presidency is pitiful. Not to get all psychological, but this level of desperation and the fact that he has been running for president for 6 years makes me wonder if he is trying to fulfill his father's dream or finish his father's business.  I just don't get how someone can change on a dime to fit the scenario, especially in this day and age where everything is recorded and distributed immediately.

Romney's "win" last night was not a game changer.  I predict that his "victory" will be short-lived.  He inflicts wounds on himself and never gains momentum.  That is what happens when authenticity does not prevail.  His incongruence comes out all the time.  I imagine the pattern will continue. As  a matter of fact, his latest transformation shown during the debate has given the Obama team more ammunition to use against him.  Continuing with the basketball analogy that the Savvy Sista used in her commentary, I was eager to watch the President slam dunk this guy during the first debate and I do not understand the strategy that he employed last night to allow Romney back in the game.  This is where I will resume being Avg Jo and trust that the Obama campaign has the political heavyweights to see this thing through to victory and last night's performance is part of a larger strategy.  So I can concede that the former governor performed better than expected and admit that he won the debate.  But the game ain't over.


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