Oct 4, 2012

If you follow The Savvy Sista website on Facebook, then you know I live blogged the presidential debate last night.

Let's just say it was very painful for me. Even my mother called me and told me to calm down because I get so emotionally invested in politics.

You have to understand that I've been in love with politics for a very long time and that passion only became stronger when I was able to vote in my first presidential election which happen to be the 2000 election.

So going into last night's debate I was already a little iffy about the President's performance.

Most of us who remember his debate battles against Hillary Clinton, realize that President Obama is not the best debater. But there is no one in their right mind that would compare Mitt Romney to the master debater that is Hillary Clinton.

So you had to believe that the President would fare much better against the ultimate flip flopper that is Mitt Romney than he did against Clinton.

But you could tell the Commander-in-Chief was a little rusty out the gate.

He didn't challenge Mitt Romney on any of his lies or ask him about specifics. No one is asking the President to lose his cool, but rather to be present and push back against things he know that are obviously not the truth. Again I reference Hillary Clinton. She was a master at this.

During a debate, it is important to remain on offense as much as possible. When your on offense you're dictating the debate. And given the fact that Jim Lehrer was such a horrible debate moderator (it would take a whole post for me to discuss his ratchetness), it is even more important to be on offense.

I realize this thing is a marathon and not a sprint, but Mitt Romney lobbed so many softballs at the President that I expected him to knock at least one of them out the park.

I mean can anyone explain to me how taking Big Bird off the air is going to have a significant impact on reducing the deficit? Serious! That was Romney's plan for reducing government. He was going to cut Big Bird.

That was a softball.

Mitt Romney's lack of any type of plan and his ability to run from things he said just last week were all softballs for the President.

When Mitt Romney ran away from the tax plan he had been running on for over a year now, that was the perfect time for the President to bring up the Etch-a-Sketch.

Mitt Romney Etch-a-Sketch'd his way through that entire debate without challenge.

There was no mention of his 47% comment or anything.

Mitt Romney did a lot lying. But the fact that he was a convincing liar is the bigger problem.

A lot of the electorate is not abreast of the facts and the fact that Romney looked convincing with his lies could sway uninformed people. That's why it was important for the President to challenge him on his lies because we know the media is not going to do it.

I'm just going to look at the debates as a marathon and not a sprint. This is the NBA Championship games all over again. OKC came out the gate winning game one, but Miami turned around and ran the table.

I'm looking at the President like LeBron James right now.

I do take solace in the fact that history has shown that as the debates go on President Obama will improve greatly. My expectations were just higher because this time around I thought he would be more comfortable because of the fact that he is no longer candidate Obama but rather he is now President Obama.

This too shall pass as we continue to move FORWARD!


  1. Yeah I have to believe there is a larger strategy at play here. The President may not be the best debater but he is not who we saw last night. I actually do mot think Romney did all that great; the President just did not knock him out and he very well could have. So something else must be on the horizon. I also take comfort in thw fact that Romney can catch momentum to save his life. His victory will be shortlived at his own hand.

    1. That is Romney cannot catch momentum to save his life