Oct 12, 2012

If you've never seen the 'Last Dragon' then this post doesn't apply to you because you are not going to get how significant this is.

I love the 'Last Dragon'.  I can recite every word to the film.  That's just how many times I've seen it.  So the fact that Bruce Leroy's little brother, Richie, has passed away is a very significant moment for me.

TMZ is reporting that the actor who protrayed Richie, Leo O'Brien, died on Wednesday.  He was 41 at the time of his death.

Here is how TMZ is reporting the story:

Leo O'Brien, one of the stars of "The Last Dragon" ... has died in NYC, TMZ has learned.

Leo played Bruce Leroy's little brother Richie Green in the 1985 cult classic film.

Details surrounding O'Brien's death are unclear ... but law enforcement sources tell us the actor passed away Wednesday morning, and an autopsy is scheduled for today.

Leo's "Dragon" co-star Taimak (Bruce Leroy) says family members believe O'Brien had been in failing health recently.


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