Oct 19, 2012

Season 2 of SCANDAL is definitely suspenseful and leaving viewers on edge with all of the salacious predicaments going on in the nation's capital.  The talented writers are definitely holding to their theme of nothing is as it seems.  Kerry Washington is holding it down as the powerful and influential Olivia Pope.  But you know what?  I am not crazy about her personal scandal.  I am really over it.  Other than it being another scandal, what's the point of it?  Is it just more drama?  As my cousin pointed out, its what makes the show "hot."  Yeah ok...I can appreciate them not making her a stone and allowing her character to show her conflicting emotions.  However, it is hard to watch her character pine over a man that she cannot and will not have.   How long will we have to endure that?  I imagine that storyline will get old really quick; it has already gotten old with me.  If their relationship is made known, is that the demise of Olivia Pope?  How will that affect the longevity of the show because the big secret is out?  All of the other scandals are very interesting and carry the show.  But since the scandal of Olivia and the president is already a part of the show, if it were removed or resolved, would the show be just as scandalous.  If we want to get all deep with the racial implications, I could go there but I would rather not.

In any case, I just wanted to air out my thoughts on it.  After watching the latest episode, I just recognized that I wasn't really feelin' that particular scandal and I hope that her character can still hold an audience without it.


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