Oct 23, 2012

President Obama dubbed his opponent's policies best as the 1980s when it comes to foreign policy; the 1950s when it comes to social policy and the 1920s when it comes to economic policy.  To me that does not scream conservative as his opponent would have you believe.  It screams REACTIONARY, a term that best describes the policy and platform of the GOP.  Reactionary is a term that somehow was embedded into my conscience after learning about the political spectrum chart from my U.S. History class taught by Mr. Steele at West Side High School in Gary, Indiana.  Reactionary is the extreme right of the spectrum where people want to go back to how things used to be.  Going backwards is precisely the message of the entire GOP.  They are not trying to maintain the status quo which is conservatism.  They are not just resistant to change.  They simply cannot cope with the fact that the world is not as they imagined it.  I have to agree that the United States of America has something that is the envy of the world.  We indeed have our faults, but for our country to be as young as it is, to only house 6% of the world's population and be robust as we are economically and militarily says something.  But it is not unique to us anymore.  We have become a model that other major countries, now our competitors, have studied and are now outpacing us.  It's like a top athlete thinking he will never be de-throned.  And we all know that it is bound to happen...the top dog will meet its match.  The arrogance causes the complacency and a sense of entitlement and before you know it, the competition has an opening.  We see this happen all the time in sports, in business, and in relationships.  I do not know why the GOP thinks we are invincible and that no one will dare tango with the USA.

The 2012 election is some much more than the black man getting a second term in the White House. The 2012 election is much more than the presidency.  The 2012 election is beyond pivotal.  The 2012 election is critical.  Every election is important and has historical implications.  However, the outcome of the 2012 election can either put us on a path to the future or a path to the past.  I am not just echoing rhetoric of the Obama campaign because I am an avid supporter.  I wholeheartedly believe that the President and the Democrats have a better grasp on how the world has changed, is changing and how we have to embrace that change or get left behind.  They are not whining and pining for yesteryear because they cannot cope with change.  They are figuring out how to get a grip on the change and and get ahead of the change. 

Diversity, technology, and climate change are the three major pillars of all that we are facing domestically and globally.  The world is more than just white Christian men.  We have access to information and people like never before and the changes in the environment are causing us to rethink how we operate on a daily basis.  I could go on and on but I will not.  All I know is that a victory for the Democrats at all levels of government will render Citizens United pointless, voter suppression efforts futile and reactionary politics/policy unacceptable.   


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