Oct 18, 2012

You can go to bed now, but don't sleep is TJ Holmes' closing statement at the end of his new show on BET called Don't Sleep.  I cannot say that I followed his career but when I saw the promos of the show, I thought I would actually stay up past my bed time (yes I am a sleepy head) and watch the first few shows.  Admittedly, I wasn't all that impressed with the first couple of shows.  I should rather say that I was indifferent.  I was not immediately convinced that I should stay up for the show, but I decided to hang with it for a little bit.  Unfortunately, my circadian rhythm says for me to be asleep at that time and like clockwork if I get relaxed in my recliner, the tv is watching me.  I became a fan of the show on Facebook because I thought the show had great potential.  Thankfully the facebook updates would pique my interest to pull up the show online.  Am I glad that I did!  Both educated and uneducated alike have been disgusted with BET programming and after their complete mess up of The Game, Don't Sleep has been quite refreshing.  Most of the comments I have read have been positive and many have stated that they wish the show was longer than 30 minutes.  I concur.  However, somehow they manage to make the 30-minutes, actually 20 minutes, work.  And now that I think more about it, more in-depth conversation on some heavy issues can be a bit much to take in that late into the evening.  I wouldn't want viewers to go from Don't Sleep to Can't Sleep because they were so riled up from the show. 

Obviously I have a positive review of the show and I am encouraging people to watch it.  I do not know what the Nielsen ratings are for Don't Sleep.  I wonder if technology is set up such that when the DVR is recording it is counted in the ratings.  I know BET can monitor their online traffic.  My point is that I hope that all possible rating measurements are utilized to get an accurate assessment of the viewership.  More importantly I hope that we are truly supporting the show.  If you are like me and cannot stay awake, please record it or watch it online.  If you can indeed hang past 11pm EST, change the channel to BET and Don't Sleep.
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  1. I actually caught the first few episode of the show and thought it was interesting and I would certainly tune in more frequently. I do think it should be an hour long show and move to maybe the 10-11pm time slot.

  2. I like the show. I also like it at 30 minutes, because it forces the show to move along without a lot of extra bull crap, and if it was an hour it would be too much like the Roland Martin Show on TVOne. TJ is doing a great job! Keep it up BET....