Nov 6, 2012

This morning when I finally got out of the bed, I surprisingly felt pretty good.  I say surprisingly because I actually went to bed pretty pissed off.  I had heard about more attempts to suppress the vote and cheat the election.  This was not the first time I heard of such malicious and despicable activity.  I did not like it before.  It made me angry before but it seemed like I finally had my fill of it.  I vented my frustration in what I would describe as prayer/plea to God filled with righteous indignation.  If I had sat down to write this post last night, the title would have been "Let's Call a Thing a Thing, People."  Stealing Iyanla Vanzant's line, I was ready to just get down and call this thing exactly what it is.  Why didn't I?  Primarily because I was tired and I knew I wanted to be up and at my voting precinct when it opened.  If other people can wait in line for hours and hours, then the least I could do is get up an hour earlier to cast my vote.  If I had sat down to write this post last night, I would have been up later than I wanted to be and that would have compromised my plans for this morning.  Plus I would not have said anything that hasn't already been said.

For the most part, I am a pretty optimistic person.  Not because I cannot see what's wrong in our world, but because I see past it.   We have an ugly history of slavery, segregation, discrimination, opppression, etc.  We have had some ugly fights and blood shed.  Thankfully it was not in vain.  Not perfectly and not without resistance, we rose to the occasion and did the right thing time and time again.  So many of us are now doing things that seemed impossible and literally unimaginable to those before us.  Our current president is Barack Obama.  He was elected with undeniable enthusiasm.  Sure some have been disappointed.  Sure some were disillusioned.  Sure some were superficial.  The media, pundits, and pollsters would have us believe that we have all succombed to cynicism and do not believe that folks will do the right thing anymore.  I started to get nervous a few weeks ago.  I started visualizing myself moving to Switzerland should Romney get elected.  But then I saw the long lines and I watched the stories of people fighting back.  Romney drew large crowds, but the President still drew even larger crowds.  People love him and not just tolerate him.  Paraphrasing Joy Reid's tweet, President Obama is undeniably a fundamentally descent man.  I am a proud Obama supporter.  I am not a groupie.  I am an independent, free-thinking voter that believes that Barack Obama is on the right side of history and I know that I am far from alone in my thinking.  This has been a hard-fought campaign.  I think the opposition thought with all of their money and cheating ways that this would be an easy victory.  We may not have access to billionaires and legislative manipulators.  However, what we do have is quite formidable and really should not be messed with.  In their arrogance, they overstepped their bounds and picked a fight with the wrong people.  Not only do we have the ultimate trump card with our vote, we have a fighting spirit that is second to none.  I think that as I slept through the night last night somehow that truth sunk in and caused me to wake up knowing that Election Day 2012 is indeed going to be a good day!

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  1. It's no secret that voter apathy as well as failure to appreciate education (even self-education) runs far more rampant among Democrats than among Republicans. Apathy and ignorace are more dangerous than attempts to suppress our vote!