Nov 1, 2012

Even though I know those that are race-baiting and trying to reduce the reason for African American support for the Obama-Biden Ticket to race know better, I decided just for the record to list my non-black reasons for wanting a second term for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden.  Also I will list my reasons for not supporting the Romney-Ryan ticket.

I am voting for the Obama-Biden ticket because:

1.  They have an inclusive world view.
2.  They understand how the world is changing and how we need to lead in that change.
3.  The President specifically embodies the American Dream.
4.  They are strong family men.
5.  They want fairness and believe in balance.
6.  They understand the plight of the common man.
7.  They believe in investing in education.
8.  They believe climate change is real and want to unlock the innovation to get us energy-independent and be better stewards of the environment.
9.  They ended the war in Iraq.
10.  They got bin Laden.
11.  The Affordable Care Act was the right thing to do.  No one should go bankrupt because they get sick.
12.  They eliminated wasteful spending in the student loan program.
13.  It is clear how the President takes seriously his role as Commander-in-Chief.  He does not abuse his power.
14.  They support women.  They believe women are smart enough to make their own decisions and deserve equal pay for equal work.
15.  He values the input of others.  He actually has adopted traditionally GOP-supported ideas.
16.  The unemployment rate is decreasing.
17.  The US auto industry is rebounding because of the bailout.
18.  The economy is improving.
19.  More people (those for and against) are engaged in politics because of President's historic election.
20.  America's image has improved around the world.
21.  Repealing Don't Ask; Don't Tell was the right thing to do.  Anyone who wants to serve and sacrifice in that capacity should not be excluded.

On a macro-level, I also believe a vote for the Obama-Biden ticket sends a message that I am against:

1.  Citizens United.
2.  The reactionary policies and platform of the opposition.
3.  An obstructionist Congress.  Like Deval Patrick said, I will not let the President be bullied out of office.
4.  Voter suppression and intimidation.

I do not support the Romney-Ryan ticket because:

1.  Romnesia is real.  I do not understand how a man in his 60s can change his mind on a dime.  He is a chameleon.  His desperation to be president is pitiful.  To disown or disavow his own key accomplishment of universal healthcare in Massachusetts because his base doesn't support it is pretty telling.
2.  Paul Ryan, in my opinion, is not ready to be president.  Romney choosing Ryan as his running mate was purely political.
3.  The team surrounding them is a throwback to Bush policies.
4.  They have disdain for the poor and do not understand the plight of the common man.  Romney's 47% comments are evidence of that.
5.  They do not stand up to the extreme in their party.  How am I supposed to trust they will have the courage to do what is right in office?
6.  Romney's awkwardness is not his charm.  He insulted people just trying to be hospitable to him.  His infamous trip abroad shows that he doesn't have the skill to represent the USA gracefully.
7. The lack of transparency gives me great pause.  Why not release more of his tax returns?  He is not being held to a different standard.  The details of his tax plan.  Why is that a secret?  "Trust me" is not a soothing answer from any politician.
8.  Romney's own party does not like him.
9.  The GOP is setting the Romney-Ryan agenda.  It would seem to me that as the leaders of the party they should be able to set the agenda.
10.  They do not seem to grasp how the world is changing.  They want to go backwards.
11.  Their main argument for election is that the President did not clean the mess created by GOP policies fast enough.
12.  Business and government are not the same.  Being fit for business does not make you fit to lead federal government.
13.  I recently saw a Super-PAC ad about how Romney helped his colleague find his missing daughter.  Very admirable.  However, my very next thought was would he do the same for my child?  As president, would he advocate for my child?  If he wouldn't move heaven and earth to get justice for those we lost on 9-11, then the answer to that question is no.  It is apparent that he will advocate for what he cares about.  Sadly, I do not get the sense that he cares for people like me.

I would love to hear your race-neutral reasons for your choice.


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