Nov 7, 2012

A close but decisive victory for the President is how I called this race, which was of course not what many pundits and even friends thought.  I think most of my friends just bought into what all of the pundits and analysts were saying.  Also I said that we would go to bed on election night knowing who our next president is.  Again, not what everyone else was saying.  I can't trip like I just had it all together all of the time.  I mentioned in my last post about how I did get nervous because I started to believe what the pundits were saying.  Plus I finally allowed myself to fully conceptualize a Romney presidency and I did not like what my mind's eye was seeing.  But I brought myself back to what I truly believe.  What compelled me to become Avg Jo was the fact that I did not feel that the pundits spoke for me.  As much as they were offering the viewpoint of the average voter, I simply did not agree with what they were saying.  I know that all of the pundits are speaking to the "objective" data of the polls; they simply cannot offer their opinions all the time without integrating in some "science."  Even with all of that evidence and expertise, I just thought they had it wrong.  Luckily, I was right.

Please do not think that I think I am all-discerning because I am not.  I just think that the President's message of moving forward was clear.  It became undeniably clear because it was so starkly contrasted with the views of the opposition.  Progress within our country has not been without controversy, strife, and resistance.  Yet we manage to rise to the occasion continually moving the country forward.  What I imagined with a Romney election and presidency was an approval of all of the reactionary policies and tactics the extreme right were adopting and employing.  I kept thinking to myself, "This cannot be the country that I live in.  We are better than this."  I truly believed we were better than this. This past Saturday I told some friends that if Romney were elected, it would truly mean that America is not as advanced as we think we are.  Not because Mitt Romney was some evil dictator.  But he was passive with the extreme in his party and I had no confidence that he would do the right thing if elected.  Not only him, but all of the GOP leadership was passive and  willing to let those on the wrong side of history prevail.  I do not know how likely it would've been that all of our progress would have greatly diminished during a Romney presidency.  What I do know was that was a risk I was not willing to take.  Apparently, the majority of Americans felt the same and I am so glad that my opinion of who we truly are has not changed.  By no means are we perfect, but in terms of being on the right side of history as a nation, we do have a record that I am proud of.



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