Nov 15, 2012

The re-election of President Obama last week was just too much for some conservatives to handle. Although the doomsday pronouncements of the past four years have yet to materialize, some Americans couldn’t help themselves from freaking out over the news that the president will be here for one more term.
TPM has compiled the six most bizarre reactions to Obama’s victory.

1. Obama’s Hired, But You’re Fired
Some of the nation’s CEOs took their frustration out on their employees. Robert Murray, CEO of the coal company Murray Energy, responded to the election by reading a prayer to his employees and then laying off 50 of them. Papa John’s pizza CEO John Schnatter, a donor to Republican loser Mitt Romney, announced that franchise owners will likely have to cut hours for employees in order to pay for the president’s health care law. And Zane Tankel, a New York-based Applebee’s franchisee, said he would halt plans to expand his 40-restaurant empire because the health care law would cost him too much.

2. Burying Gold On The Ranch
Over the weekend, Reuters reported on an emerging job description for a number of financial advisers throughout the country: talking their wealthiest clients off the ledge in the wake of Obama’s win. John Burke, a New Jersey-based financial strategist, described some of the small business owners he works with as “inconsolable.” Houston-based adviser Scott Tiras said a client wanted to turn his assets into gold before the election and bury it in multiple places on his ranch. Tiras managed to talk him out of it, but after the election the client was evidently “too upset to talk about it.”

3. Riots And Racial Slurs
Election Day turned ugly by nightfall at a pair of southern universities. Hundreds of students gathered at the University of Mississippi to riot after the race was called for Obama. Some students hurled racial slurs and burned Obama campaign signs. Eventually local police got involved. There was a similar scene at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia where threats of violence and epithets from about 40 students followed Obama’s win. The chancellor at Ole Miss promised a full investigation, and the next day the more dovish segment of its student body staged a candlelight vigil in response to the election night protestors.

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