Nov 29, 2012

While I am not a fan of Chris Matthews, I was flipping through channels and saw one of the closing segments of his show.  I had to stop and watch.  He showed a clip of former mayor Rudy Giuliani and former governor Sarah Palin mocking President Obama's community organizing experience.   I just laughed because oddly enough this supposedly "weak" experience is precisely what enabled the President to be elected not only once but twice.  Now that strength may enable him to accomplish all that it is on his agenda.  While it is not unusual for a president to implore the American people to contact their elected officials, with technology at his advantage, the President can solicit the input of the public more directly and individually and the public can respond in kind.  President Obama has done just that several times during his first term and the American people responded, even crashing websites and tying up phone lines. 

Now with the so-called fiscal cliff looming, the President again is asking for the public to get involved and tell what $2000 would do for them using #My2K when using Twitter.  Tax rates are set to go up and the average family will pay about $2000 more in taxes at the turn of the new year. If you are in favor of extending the current tax rate for the middle class, then please speak up. It is so much easier to make our voices heard nowadays. Even if you oppose the extension, you can make your voice heard as well. Our democratic responsibility does not end at voting on election day.

We constantly talk about the need to remain engaged and involved.  Here is an easy opportunity to do so.  The President is asking for our input. Of course he hopes that we speak up in support of his policy of increasing tax rates on income greater than $250,000 and permanently extending the current rates for income under $250,000.  If you support his position, speak up.  If you do not support his position, speak up.  Personally, I agree with the principle behind the his position.  So as a first step towards fairness, I support what he is trying to do.  However, I think for the system to be fair we need a complete overhaul of our tax code.  I will not go into detail about what I think should be done with our tax code.  The point of this particular post is to encourage everyone to get involved and allow their voices to be heard.  We have two clear examples of what can be achieved when we step up.  Please do not let the enthusiasm fade away.  With this particular issue, we can have a significant impact on the outcome.  Going forward, we can shape this country into what it should be.  Stay engaged and stay involved.


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