Nov 27, 2012

Photos showcasing Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry child's father, injuries has begun to make their rounds on the internet.  Let's just say it ain't pretty.  Gabriel looks like he endured a serious beat down.

I'm trying to reserve judgment in this case, but something just isn't adding up as far as the timing of this alleged brawl.  I'm definitely leaning more towards what Aubry said happened as opposed to Halle and her fiance Olivier Martinez.

TMZ reported details of the incident according to Aubry's lawyer, Shawn Holley.  Here is what was written:

Gabriel Aubry has obtained a restraining order against Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez, who busted Gabriel's face during a brutal brawl on Thanksgiving ... and Gabriel's declaration (which includes graphic photos of his injuries) paints a radically different picture of what went down at Halle's on Thursday.

According to Gabriel's declaration, filed by his lawyer Shawn Holley, the day before Thanksgiving, Gabriel took Nahla to her school play.  Halle and Olivier showed up and Olivier walked up to Gabriel and whispered in his ear in French, "I wish I could beat the s**t out of you right now. You're lucky we're in a school right now. We're going to take Nahla right now and you're not going to follow us."

The next day, Gabriel says he took Nahla to Halle's at around 10 AM.  He says in a completely unusual move, Olivier came out of the front door -- usually the nanny was the go-between.  Gabriel claims Olivier said, "We need to talk." Gabriel says he walked toward his car to close his door when Olivier jumped off the stairs and knocked Gabriel to the ground and started brutally beating him, screaming that Gabriel cost them $3 million to fight the custody war (Halle's failed move to take Nahla to Paris).

Gabriel says Olivier took his head in his hand and slammed it on the concrete driveway.

According to the declaration, as Olivier assaulted Gabriel he screamed that they were going to move to Paris and Gabriel had better move there too or Olivier would kill him.

Gabriel claims Olivier then said, "We called the cops," and that when they show up, "you're going to tell them that you're the one who attacked me, or I'm going to kill you."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Gabriel made no mention of the alleged threats when he spoke to police immediately after the fight.

Gabriel alleges in his declaration that Halle lost her bid to get primary custody with the judge consistently siding with Gabriel for a 50/50 arrangement.

One of the reasons I feel that way is because what is going on between Halle and Gabriel, as far as their child is concerned, is none of Martinez's business.  He's not even Halle's husband, and even if he was, Nahla is still Gabriel's daughter and he has a right to his child.

The fact that there was a ruling that recently came out that prevented Halle and Nahla from moving to Paris is why this whole thing seems a little fishy to me.  Olivier delivering that beat down appears to be a form of retaliation in my opinion.


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