Nov 26, 2012

Well if you're like me then you didn't pay attention to much news during the Thanksgiving holiday.  I spent the week in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area with my family and that was the only thing I wanted to concentrate on.

But just because we take a sabbatical from the news doesn't mean the news stop getting made. 

Here are a few headlines that I would have written about have I not been on vacation:

- Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns from Congress (Not to sound too cliche', but even Stevie Wonder could see this one coming.)

- Brawl breaks out at the home of Halle Berry between her baby daddy and new fiance (This whole thing smells a little fishy to me.  Halle had just lost her relocation to France case and now all of a sudden she's filing a restraining order against Aubry because of a fight that she and her fiance alleges was started by the child's father.  Hmmm...I ain't buying it Ms. Berry.  The timing is just too suspect for me.)

- R. Kelly debuts his "Trapped In The Closet" Chapters 23-33

- Djimon and Kimora were never married and have apparently split

- Boxer 'Macho' Camacho Dies in Puerto Rico

- What the hell is going on with Katt Williams?



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  1. Katt Williams... yeah WTH is going on? Sorry to hear about Camacho, truly a sad case. I too think something is fishey w/Halle & her clan, she aint slick. It was a mater of time before Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigned, I was just waiting for it- there is a scandal there.