Dec 4, 2012

The picture surrounding Jovan Belcher's mindset is becoming bleaker and bleaker as more details emerge surrounding the murder-suicide that rocked the NFL.

Here’s what we’ve been able to piece together as far as details of that fateful night is concerned:

·         Police are saying that Belcher shot Kassandra Perkins nine times.  Her body was found in the master bathroom.
·         Belcher’s mother, who witnessed the murder, called 911.  She was visiting the couple from New York to help with her three month old granddaughter.
·         Belcher committed suicide with a different gun than the one that was used to kill Perkins.

The Kansas City Star has even more details of that fateful night.  Here are some of the highlights from that report:

·         Seconds after fatally shooting Perkins, Belcher leaned over her said sorry and kissed her on the forehead.
·         Belcher apologized to his mother and kissed his daughter as he fled his rented home in his Bentley.
·         Arguments over relationship and financial issues have simmered for months between the couple.
·         Belcher’s mother came to live with her son so the couple could work through their issues.
·         The Kansas City Chiefs were aware of the couple’s problems.  The organization had provided counseling to the couple.
·         Belcher knelt behind a vehicle and made the sign of the cross across his chest before firing a single bullet into his head.
·         The night before her untimely death, Perkins had attended a concert with friends.  Belcher had partied on another side of town.
·         Police found Belcher asleep in his Bentley and determined he was able to drive home.  Police believed he arrived home about 7 am.
·         Detectives don’t know what sparked the argument that led to the murder-suicide
·         Belcher had several legally owned guns in the home.


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