Jan 9, 2013

Tamron Hall, Michael Eric Dyson, and Al Sharpton 

TheGrio has corroborated something that I have been thinking for a while now.  That is that MSNBC has been intentionally diversifying their anchors, pundits and contributors.  What is impressive to me is that it comes across as a very genuine effort, not just token-ism.  The article reports that MSNBC viewership has increased tremendously, particularly among African Americans.  I cannot say, like some have said, that I keep my tv on MSNBC.  I can say, though, that some of their programming is a part of my regular tv watching regimen.  I appreciate their genuine diversity efforts.  I also appreciate that they can have a civil conversation while examining different perspectives and still lean politically to the left.  There are a few MSBC personalities that I would prefer not to listen to but by and large, there are my go-to cable news network.  It sounds like that is true for many of us.
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