Jan 15, 2013

Well, it would appear that the legendary activist, comedian that is Dick Gregory is none too please with the criticism that Spike Lee leveled at the movie Django Unchained.

During an interview that appeared on Youtube, here is what the legend had to say when asked about the movie and Spike Lee's subsequent criticism of the movie:

I’ve seen “Django Unchained” 12 times. Never in the history of Hollywood, have they ever made anything that freed the inside of me. The inside of me. I’m 80-years-old, I saw cowboy movies, wasn’t no Black folks in cowboy movies. I’m looking at a Western, plus a love story. To those of you all that see it, you’ll never see a love story about a black man and a black woman where it wasn’t some foul sex and foul language, huh. And Spike Lee can’t appreciate that. The little thug ain’t even seen the movie; he’s acting like he white.

So it must be something personal. And all them Black entertainers that know Spike Lee, how you gone attack this man and don’t be attacking them … and then say everyone’s a fool but me. [Talking about] ‘it offended my ancestors, but when you did ‘She’s Got To Have It’ and some of those other thug movies you did…you took Malcolm X and put a Zoot suit on him…did that offend your ancestors, punk?

It’s a game, man. So whatever he’s mad about is something that happened way, way a long ago. Thank God it didn’t work [to stop the movie from being successful].

This is one of those things I hate to see.

There is nothing worse than watching two influential African Americans take part in a public spat. Even though Spike Lee has yet to say anything in response to Mr. Gregory, you have to know some reporter is going to ask him about.

Now don't get me wrong, with Mr. Gregory being 80 years old he has earned the right to pretty much say whatever he wants to say, but I just wished some things were kept in private and handled outside the public eye. It's the same thing I said about Spike when he publicly dissed Tyler Perry. Sometimes it's just best to call a person up and express your disappointment. Now if that person don't respond accordingly then you can put that a$$ on blast...LOL!

Watch the entire interview and tell me what you think.


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