Jan 31, 2013

When I read the headlines of these two stories, I knew I would write about it, but I needed sometime to decompress because I was emotionally overtaken by them.  After seeing Hadiya Pendleton's mother a few minutes ago on PoliticsNation, my heart broke again and I just told myself that I will have to express my outrage in its raw state.  The senseless death of this beautiful 15-year old girl is making national headlines because she just participated in last week's inauguration of the President, a thrilling experience that I am sure she didn't even have time to come down from. Like her godfather said in the video below, it can't even be said she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She was doing what she should have been doing.  As a matter of fact, all she was trying to do was not get wet from the rain.  This cannot keep happening!

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Shirley Chambers is getting ready to bury her last surviving child.  Her grief is unimaginable.  Her four children were taken from her as a result of gun violence.  No parent should have to bury a child.  No parent should be left childless.  I thought about the movie Saving Private Ryan which is loosely based on a true story.  In the midst of war, the government moved heaven and earth to find a mother's last surviving son.  Her other sons had all been killed in the war.  In the film, we are led to believe that military leaders have enough of a heart to not put a mother through any more pain.  Oh how I wish this were true for Shirley Chambers.  One lesson I have learned in my life is God does not always stop tragedy.  But in this case I had to look up to the heavens and say "God, what's up?"

Ms. Chambers wants tougher gun laws.  What is interesting to me is that all of the survivors and victims' families that I have heard say they want tougher gun laws.  They want justice but their answer to this violence is not for them to be armed or for there to be more guns on the street.  I would say that the opinions of the victims should carry some weight with our legislators.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that the Second Amendment does apply to an individual's right to bear arms.  It does not appear that this ruling will ever be overturned.  All I know is that I, me, an individual, is not a well-regulated milita...I'm just saying.  But even taking the court's interpretation into consideration, no one can tell me that gun regulations will not make a difference.  Guns don't kill people they say.  Well why does it seem to be the killer's weapon of choice then?  No law is going to stop a person from causing harm.  Well then why do we have laws?  Why do we have law enforcement?  If the law has no power, then why do we go through this whole exercise of government?  The law may not stop everybody, but it does stop plenty.

Gun violence has to end!  Our babies' lives should not be cut short!  No young person should have thoughts in the back of their mind that they may not live long and die at the hands of another!  We can do something about this.  We are not without help.  We are not without hope. I refuse to be left in a society where the mentality or expectation is to kill or be killed because elected officials don't want to buck the system.  We can't keep settling for the world as it is.  We have to make it what it should be.  And in my opinion, our country should not be a place overtaken with guns and governed by individuals that cannot be rational.  I cannot say that we, the people, always get it right.  But polls show that we, the people, want gun control.  Apparently the polls do not speak loud enough.  We have to be relentless and bombard our elected officials making our voices heard not just loudly but unequivocally.   


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