Jan 16, 2013

Normally I would not dignify such idiocy with a response.  However, I think this time it is necessary as another call to action for gun control and for the American people to stand up and make their voices known.  The NRA really is not doing itself any favors.  I say let them continue to showcase their foolishness.  It appears when that happens the public sentiment goes against them because the public sees just how off-base they are.  I am dignifying their latest ad with a response.  But I will not provide a link to the ad.  You can search for it on your own. Their latest desperate act says that President Obama is an elitist hypcocrite because the President's daughters have armed protection through the Secret Service.  If his daughters have armed protection then why shouldn't the rest of our children.  Desperate, stupid, and a sign that the NRA is losing its mind and ultimately its power.  Quite frankly that is alright with me.
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