Feb 7, 2013

Activists haved petitioned the White House for the Obamas to attend the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton who was shot and killed a week after participating in the President's second inauguration.  The President was also asked to come back home to Chicago to speak on gun violence. The latter remains to be seen. But the White House has stated that Mrs. Obama will attend the 15-year old's funeral.  I know that Hadiya and her family would ordinarily be thrilled to meet the First Lady.  Sadly she will have to look down from heaven and see her interact with her family. And her family undoubtedly would like the memory of meeting Mrs. Obama to be a celebratory one. While I know they appreciate the gesture, not even a visit from one of the most popular people on the planet will ease their pain.

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  1. Why did anyone think they would have to petition the President to attend Hadiyah's funeral? As parents themselves I have no doubts that they knew one or both had to represent. I find that so presumptuous as if they did not have any intentions of going. I am sure President Obama and Michelle already planned on which one of them would go. People need to stop jumping to conclusions.