Feb 25, 2013

I realize this is a little late, but it’s better late than never.
Boondocks creator, Aaron McGruder, took to the website Kickstarter to solicit funding for a movie center around the character that everyone loves to hate, Uncle Ruckus.  The movie would be a live action comedy written and directed by Aaron McGruder.  It would star Gary Anthony Williams, who does the voice of Uncle Ruckus on the animated series.  The movie will not involve any of the other regular Boondocks character, but rather explore a part of the Ruckus family not seen on the show.

Uncle Ruckus is the self-hating character on the Boondocks that is quick with the one-liners.  I think what makes Ruckus so endearing is the fact that a lot of us know or are some kin to a Ruckus.
The campaign has a fundraising goal of $200K and at the time of writing this article they’ve only raised $103K (which in itself is very impressive).  The deadline for the fundraiser is March 1.  So if you would like to donate click here.

Aaron McGruder also took the time out to explain why he is choosing to do a live action Boondocks film as oppose to an animated one.  Here is what he said:

“There’s always been interest in a live-action Boondocks movie, which to me was out of the question considering Huey and Riley are essentially impossible to cast. The animated feature would cost around 20 million, but a live action Uncle Ruckus movie could cost a fraction of that. So just for the hell of it we had the costume made and it was pretty amazing. To see Gary actually transform into Uncle Ruckus... it’s quite the surreal experience. I never expected the transition to be so completely seamless.”

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a movie related to the Boondocks even if its only centered around Uncle Ruckus.

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  1. Boonkocks is the my favorite cartoon of all times.....matter of fact my favorite tv show! But making a Ruckus movie is pushing it.....and all i do is get in peoples ass on facebook! A cartoon is just comedy in its purest form but a movie is making it too real. You can't make a Ruckus movie with a black president in the white house. Especially with the tea party making moves in the senate. Its finna get real yall......pay attention!