Feb 13, 2013

(AJC) -- Two women were seriously disfigured after a dispute on social media escalated into a hot oil assault in Smyrna.

Ashley Hardy, Jasmine Ragland, Shatericka Barrino and Stori Brown went to the Cumberland Glen Apartments to confront three women over some messages sent via Instagram, an online photo-sharing and social networking service, according to the arrest warrant obtained by Smyrna police.

Zawadi Clark, 20, Myzelle Armstrong, 18, and Mykhal Tait, 20, met the women outside their apartment armed with a baseball bat and a pot of hot grease, the warrant states. The four women got back into their car but before they could escape the trio pried open the front driver’s side door with the bat. Clark then splashed Hardy and Ragland, sitting in the front, with the oil, causing second- and third-degree burns to the women’s legs and arms.

Their injuries will likely lead to permanent scarring, police said. Barrino and Brown escaped injury.

The three suspects are each charged with four counts of felony battery. Clark and Armstrong are free on bond but Tait remains incarcerated at the Cobb County Jail.

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  1. This is nuts! What is wrong with the young people today? Like really social media isn't that serious. I hope they get a few years in jail and I hope the other young ladies have learned a lesson. You do not arrange to meet people to fight because of trash talking. Let them talk and take it to Jesus in prayer.