Mar 18, 2013

If I were more poetic, I would revamp the lyrics to Janet Jackson's What Have You Done for Me Lately into a message to the GOP as to why they do not appeal to women and minorities.  If I think about it long enough, maybe I can come up with something.  If you happen to be more artistic and creative, take a stab at it.

My question to the GOP is indeed, "What have you done for me lately?"  They are trying to bring up the past of Abraham Lincoln abolishing slavery and how once upon a time the Republican party was more friendly to blacks than the Democratic party.  History cannot be denied but neither can the present nor the recent past.  The last I knew the GOP wanted rape victims to live everyday with a reminder of a traumatic experience by carrying and birthing a child that resulted from the rape.  The last I knew the GOP was interested in de-funding an organization that provides healthcare to women in need.  The last I knew the GOP was interested in internally taking pictures of my uterus.  The last I knew the GOP tried to cheat the 2012 election (you know that wasn't even six months ago).  The last I knew the GOP wanted to keep people like me from voting.  The last I knew the GOP thinks that half of the country are freeloaders.  The last I knew a conservative Supreme Court Justice said that protecting my right to vote was a "racial entitlement."  The last I knew GOP leaders wouldn't even stand up and denounce the blatant disrespect of the first black president.  The last I knew the GOP wasn't interested in putting the country first, they were only interested in making, now two-term President Obama, a one-term president.  The last I knew the GOP abandoned some of their own policies just to oppose the President.  The last I knew the GOP will not stand up to the NRA and do what the majority of the public wants and enact common sense gun legislation.  The last I knew the GOP keeps senselessly trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  The last I knew and finally focus groups gave the RNC chair courage to say what I and others have known, the GOP was out of touch, not inclusive and the party of the rich.

As much as I appreciate the Republican party of old, that party is no more.  A vote for that party would be a vote against my interests.  So tell me again, GOP, what you have done for me lately? Obviously the GOP does not have an answer to that question, but I most certainly do.


  1. Well said. My thoughts of the GOP are like yours.

  2. unfortunatley; all the things you "know" about the GOP are wrong. You know nothing, you simply parrot what you have been told. You appear to be a hopeless racist.