Mar 20, 2013

Recently a good friend of mine posed a question on Facebook asking women, "What is your criteria for a Good Man?"

As expected, there were an assortment of answers that were garnered, but there appeared to be one factor that was consistent amongst all those who answered.  It would appear that in order for a man to be considered a 'Good Man' he must put God first.

This caused me to think.  Does putting God first automatically qualifies a person as a 'Good' person?  And, exactly what does putting God first actually mean?

We can look throughout history and find plenty of people that have strong beliefs in the Creator, but we would not consider these people to be 'Good' people.  Just look at the Ku Klux Klan for instance.  It was an organization started by Christian men who supposedly had God at the head of their lives.  How about the Catholic priests that raped and molested children?  Obviously, some part of them have an immense love for God.  If not, then I'm willing to bet they would not have dedicated their lives to serving God.  And please don't get me started on some of these preachers, prophets, prophetesses, and evangelists that are currently pimping the church.

I have a really good friend who loves the Lord.  He's in church every Sunday and Bible Study on Wednesday.  He even sings in the choir, but he's never been in a relationship in which he's been faithful.  So is he a Good man or not?  I can say he is the best damn friend I have, but Lord knows I would never, ever date him.

I realize people like to make statements because it sound good at the time.  We've heard someone, our pastor perhaps, make a statement and we immediately assume this applies to us, but do any of us really know what it means to put God first.




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