Mar 19, 2013

CNN contributor, Roland Martin, will no longer be working at the network as of April 6.  The commentator took to Twitter to make the announcement.

He also explained the reason for his leaving was based upon the fact that new CNN boss, Jeff Zucker, wanted to bring in his own people.

Let's just hope some of those people that Jeff Zucker decide to bring in are actually people of color because at the rate he's going I surely doubt it.  CNN is becoming whiter by the minute and it's all because of Zucker.  No one would ever accuse CNN of being a melting pot of diversity, but it would appear that Zucker is going out his way to extinguish whatever diversity there is at the cable giant.

I'm sure Martin will land on his feet.  He has plenty irons in the fire.  I'm sure we'll probably see him on MSNBC (the home of diversity on television).  If not, at least we still have 'Washington Watch.'


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