Mar 21, 2013

Singer Dawn Richard is the latest victim of photo-shopping going way wrong.
The singer was recently catching a lot of flack from her fans about her evolving looks (look at the above picture).  Many people accused her of having plastic surgery and bleaching her skin, but the singer insisted that it was filters that were responsible for her altered look.
Richard eventually had to post an unfiltered/unaltered photo to prove what she was saying is true.
The only question I have is whose bright idea it was to alter her so drastically anyway and why would she sign off on such tomfoolery.  She is not even recognizable in that first picture.  The completely shaved her nose to give her a more European i.e.White look and they lighten her skin.
So again I have to ask why would Richard even let something like this represent her?  She is a beautiful girl who doesn't need to be altered in order for that to show.  The above picture doesn't represent her beauty at all.  It represents what society thinks is beautiful.
She can't get mad at her fans for questioning the obvious.  She does look different in that picture and of course when you look that different people are going to assume it's because of plastic surgery and skin bleaching.


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  1. I agree that they took that photo-shopping too far. I would like to hope that she didn't ok this. A lot time celebrities see a preliminary photo, sign off on that and then some editor decides that the photo needs more editing and the finished result is something the artist didn't originally agree to. Either way, I think that celebrities should just be comfortable in the skin their in and rally together to get magazines and photographers to stop photo-shopping them. We what they really look like in person, so why not look like when we see you in the magazines or on billboards?