Apr 22, 2013


I'm sure this question gets asked every year, but what the hell is going on with these prom dresses and the parents that permit their daughters to wear this stuff?

Trust me I'm not a prude in the least, but damn there is a time and a place for everything.  Why must our daughters be so sexualized?  I swear the sexualization is happening at an earlier and earlier age.

What got me to feeling this way is when I'm on Facebook and I see all these pictures that people are posting of their children in outfits that are passing for prom dresses.  If your breast, back, legs and stomach are not exposed (at the same time) then it doesn't pass as a prom dress.  I just don't get it.

I'm not blaming the kids, but rather the owness must go on the parents.  There is no way on God's green Earth my mother would have ever permitted me to walk out her house looking the way some of these young ladies are looking.  I don't care if your daughter wants to wear it; you be the parent and put your damn foot down.

I don't understand the rush to make our girls sexy.  The stuff being marketed to girls is just ridiculous.  Please give me one reason why a 11 year old needs a thong?  An 11 year old shouldn't be worried about panty lines.  Buy their little asses some grandma draws and call it a day.

Girls have plenty of time when they get older to do the sexy thing, and by that time I will hope they've learned how to do it in a more cerebral manner than an obvious one. 

We, as a society, need to do better by our daughters.  It's nothing wrong with them being confident in their bodies, but we must also teach them to value their bodies.  They shouldn't be doing something to impress some boy, but rather their confidence should come from within.

If we validate our children early then they won't have to seek validation from others.  They'll already know their worth.



  1. Why would school even allow the kids to wear that too the prom? This is very sad. As a parent I would not even allow this period!

  2. This problem is getting worse and worse. I seem to remember some school instituting a dress code for prom. There seems to be an across the board need for a dress code.

    Appropriateness is a societial problem period. Grown women are oversexualized as well. It has become harder and harder to find suitable work attire. Skirts too short. Heels too high. Blouses cut low. Didn't CBS enact a dress code for the Grammy's because things just got out of hand. Interestingly enough, the celebs respected it. So it can be done.

  3. This is what happens when you have 25 and 30 year old Mothers with children old enough to be going to the prom and Grandma is 35 and 40 years old. No one in the family to impart any wisdom. SMDH....

  4. The problems are these lowlife selfish mothers.