May 19, 2013

Call me a fanatic, but I try to listen to President and Mrs. Obama, firsthand, as much as possible.  To me, their recent commencement addresses at Morehouse College and Bowie State University seem to be unlike any other speech that I have heard from them.  They both seemed upbeat, relaxed and wanted to engage in real talk.  Call it the freedom and boldness that comes from a second and final term in office and/or the fact that there is just a level of comfort when they are with us.  Watching them speak made me smile and proud.  I love watching people confidently being themselves and yes that includes confidence and comfort in the racial aspect of their identities.  For the President and First Lady, the comfort in their blackness was undeniable.  Not that they were ever uncomfortable before, it just seemed quite apparent in these addresses.

On a side note:  The press is showing clips from the President's address where he talks about no excuses.  I find it interesting that those are the clips they choose to share.  It irritates me because it sounds as if they want to paint the image of the President telling black folks how it is, as if he is lecturing us.   If you listen to the speech in its entirety, the tone and context are not that of a harsh lecture.


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