May 24, 2013

Yesterday I was having a pretty good day finishing up my evening workout and then I got worked up all over again when I heard the news that the defense team in the Trayvon Martin case had released IRRELEVANT "evidence" that supposedly speaks to a propensity for violence within the unarmed 17-year old.  One piece of this so called evidence is a picture of a handgun on the young man's phone.  A picture?  A picture?  Well ok...let's say he had a fascination with guns.  Why does this fascination mean he has a propensity for violence whereas those fascinated with assault weapons, for which there is no practical use but designed for mass casualty/injury, are now protected by the Second Amendment to have any gun they want and not have their temperaments questioned?  Trayvon can't be a gun enthusiast?

A picture?  A picture?  If he were actually carrying the gun, I would say that he might have a propensity for violence.  Or at least the propensity to shoot someone.  Oh but wait...George Zimmerman was actually carrying a gun, not a picture of one.  Yet he is not prone to violent behavior?  He went looking for trouble.  He had a way out.  He could have stayed in his car and let the police do their jobs.  But instead he decided that he was more wise than the 911 dispatcher that told him not to follow Trayvon.  You can't tell me that he politely approached Trayvon.  Whether or not he used a racial slur, he was angry and thought he had caught someone in the act.  After all, "these assholes always get away."  Surely if this guy that he just knew was "up to no good" was in his sights and they "always get away," he wasn't going to risk losing the guy (Trayvon was in fact running AWAY from him) waiting for the police to show up.  He wasn't going to risk his chance to be a hero.  The thing he had obsessed about, incessantly calling police and warning neighbors, for at least a year...surely he was not going to miss his moment.  What does this type of behavior say Zimmerman has a propensity for?

Self-defense?  Don't start none, won't be none.  He got more than he bargained for.  Trayvon actually defended himself and Zimmerman couldn't hang.  This whole case makes me angry, but what really pisses me off is that he instigates this whole thing but because he can't physically finish the fight he started, he gets to kill the boy and claim self-defense?  He creates the hostile environment by following the unarmed teenager, thinking he is the man in charge and Trayvon's guilt is a certainty in his mind.  When it goes bad because Trayvon doesn't submit to him, he shoots and kills Trayvon, but it's Trayvon's fault?  I pray to God that this case is properly adjudicated.  Our justice system has some serious cracks in it, but to me this case is an opportunity of redemption for the justice system.  If they miss it...well let's not talk about that.


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