Jun 3, 2013

Last week defense attorneys for George Zimmerman released so-called evidence that spoke to the unarmed teenager's supposed propensity for violence.  The defense team claimed to have a video recorded by Trayvon of his friends beating up a homeless man.  As it turns out, the video that the young man recorded was of two homeless men fighting over a bike.  Now the lead attorney, Mark O'Mara is apologizing of course spinning it as their way of "disputing misinformation."

I am so glad that we rallied for an arrest in this case and that charges were indeed filed.  If this were mere self-defense to me this would be an open/close case.  If there were objective evidence of the unarmed teenager as the aggressor, why wouldn't the defense team present that instead of this desperate attempt of blaming the victim?  Where is the evidence that exonerates Zimmerman, the admitted killer?  I know the trial is a week away and that all of this "evidence" will be presented during the trial.  But I can't help questioning the self-defense claim when they are saying and doing things that cause them to lose credibility.   I guess I should be happy because their lack of evidence and their loss of credibility should make the prosecution's case much easier and there will be justice for Trayvon.  At least that is my hope.


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