Jun 14, 2013

CNN in the USA may not be worth anything, but CNN International definitely has it going on.

While on my twelve day cruise in the Mediterranean, there wasn't many options when it came to watching television.  I know you may be wondering why a person on vacation would have a need to watch television, but every now and then you have to plug back in to see what is going on in the world.  Well, at least that was the excuse I gave when I caught myself channeling surfing while in my stateroom.

One of the channels I just could not get enough of was CNN International.  Any time I turned on the television that was my channel of choice.  Granted there weren't alot of channels to choose from, but this one actually turned out to be one I would have watched had I had a lot of channels to choose from.

There is one huge difference between the international and American version of CNN and that difference is the fact that the international version actually focuses on reporting the news.  There's not a whole lot of commentary which I love.  Call me old-fashioned, but when I turn to a news channel I actually just want to hear the news and not what you think I should think about the news.

One of my favorite shows on CNN International is Inside Africa.  This is definitely a series they need to bring to the American version of CNN.  If you are looking for insight into what is going on in the Motherland, this is definitely the series for you.  Different reporters profile the different countries in Africa while providing a different perspective as to what makes each of them unique.  It's definitely worth checking out..

Have you watched CNN International? If so, tell me what you think.


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